What’s on Mt. Timbak/Mt. Singakalsa in Atok, Benguet

Mount Timbak (or Mount Singakalsa) is one of Atok, Benguet’s most frequented tourist destinations. It has an elevation of 2,717 meters above sea level making it the 3rd highest peak in Luzon. Hiking Mt. Timbak takes only less than a day and no permits, fees or guides are necessary. Keeping the place tidy and avoiding to step on the crops when going up are highly appreciated.


After our stopover at the Highest Point, Mt. Timbak is our next destination.


Sidetrip: Mt. Timbak

Mt Timbak (Singakalsa), Atok, Benguet


Going to Mt. Timbak summit only takes roughly 15 minutes since our ride did most of the climbing. The path going to where we jumped off is paved for the produce delivery vehicles to pass through. A large portion of Mt. Timbak has been converted to terrace farms where locals grow vegetables and flowers.


mt timbak hiking


Hence, our hike to the summit begins.


Pursuing Mt. Timbak Summit

If the thrill of climbing is what you seek, then Mt. Timbak might not be for you. However, if you love the view of mountain ranges as I do, then you won’t miss going on this mountain.


Going through the trail is like going through the Stations of the Cross. The three crosses on top resembles the scene of crucifixion on Mt. Calvary. It also signals that you are, at least, near the summit.




These are the other man-made structures on the mountaintop:


Statues of Jesus and Mary
The Annunciation
Statue of the Risen Christ


The Picturesque View from the Summit

Reaching the top and seeing the view makes the experience rewarding for me. My companions have became too busy taking selfies and groupies while some of us just enjoy taking pictures of the view. Garden farms surround the trail which for me adds beauty to the path.









The Highest Point can be seen from the summit. It is visible on a clear sunny morning. Here I used my 75-300mm lens.


highest point of the philippine highway system seen from mt timbak summit


This is my most favorite photo. It has Mts. Tabayoc, Al-al, and Pulag, respectively, in the frame. The summit of Mt. Timbak is believed to mark the boundary of the municipalities of Atok and Kabayan, Benguet.


Tabayoc, Al-al, and Pulag seen from Mt. Timbak summit


Next stop, Timbak Burial Caves to see the Kabayan Fire Mummies and learn how ancient Ibalois venerate their departed loved ones.

I enjoy stopovers, especially if I’m on a long trip. It couldn’t get any better if you’re on the Highest Point of the Philippine Highway System at daybreak. Whenever you pass by Halsema Highway, then you won’t miss this point.

As a part of our hiking event in Mt. Timbak and Mt. Tabayoc, we had our stopover here at Highest Point, in Atok, Benguet. It has an elevation of 7,400 ft above sea level.


Highest Point Philippine Highway System, Halsema Highway, Atok, Benguet


While On the Road

Quite frankly, I couldn’t get a good sleep while in the jeep. Aside from the undeniable coldness, the coffee I had earlier have kicked in since we departed from Baguio past 3 in the morning. My eyes are shut but my mind is wide awake. Finally tired of pretending to be asleep, I took my light-capturing contraption and took my first glimpse of the sunrise.


Sunrise on Halsema Highway


The Stopover (around 6AM)

It didn’t took that long until we finally reach Highest Point. It wasn’t my first time setting my foot in this place but it is my first time to catch the sunrise here. The feeling is totally exhilarating!


This is the view deck located in the area. We were lucky because it was a clear sunny morning.


Highest Point Philippine Highway System View Deck - Atok, Benguet
Highest Point Philippine Highway System View Deck - Atok, Benguet


Our time for this stopover is limited so we only took as many photos as we can. We have to get to Mt. Timbak by 7AM. Hence, here were my shots:






And here is when I thought that my phone camera takes better pictures than my DSLR:





Here you’ll see a view of the mountain ranges, vegetable garden farms, and beautiful cloud formations (especially in the morning).

Break’s over. Off to Mt. Timbak.


Same Place, Different Time

Using a private transport, going here from Baguio is just around 1hr15mins to 1hr30mins trip. It was cloudy when we went there and we can barely see anything. And yes, the cold breeze goes through my thin jacket.







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