Kabayan, Benguet

About Kabayan

Kabayan, Benguet is a fourth-class income municipality where garden farming, small to medium scale retailing, and tourism are the primary industries in this town. It is popular for its centuries-old mummies as well as Mt. Pulag, the third highest mountain in the Philippines.

The town’s name is derived from Kaba-ayan, an Ibaloi word referring to a root crop with strong vines that are abundant in the area.



The town is mainly inhabited by Cordilleran tribes like Ibaloi, Kalanguya, Ifugao, Kankana-ey, Karao, and Ilocano. Expect that these tribes have their own dialect but most of them can speak English, Tagalog, and Ilocano.

As a sign of courtesy, avoid taking pictures of the people as well as the artifacts (especially the mummies and the coffins) without their permission or without the consent of your tour guide.



The climate is generally cool due to its high elevation.



Tourism hugely contributes in the municipality’s economy. Mt. Pulag attracts hundreds of mountain climbers yearly. The summit is bordered by three provinces: Benguet, Mountain Province, and Nueva Vizcaya. Seeing the sea of clouds phenomenon makes the hike really worth it. The jump off sites of the two of the major trails, Akiki and Tawangan, are in Kabayan. The easiest trail, Ambangeg, is in Bokod, Benguet. Ambaguio Trail’s jump off is in Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya.

The town also features its four lakes (Tabeo, Incoloh, Latep-ngapoh, and Ambulalacao) and the Junior Pulag. Tourists can also see centuries-old mummies in their burial caves, which can be found throughout the town.

Mt. Pulag, Mt. Timbak, Mt. Al-al, and Mt. Tabayoc, as well as the four lakes, are managed by the Mt. Pulag National Park, which is under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


How to Get to Kabayan

From Baguio City, you may hire a jeepney who can take you straight to Kabayan. This is by far the most practical mode of transport, especially for traveling in groups. The most common route is through Halsema Highway, passing through the Highest Point of the Philippine Highway System in Atok, Benguet.


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