Tuba, Benguet

About Itogon, Benguet

Tuba, Benguet is a first class income municipality and known as the Gateway to Baguio.



Tuba is mainly inhabited by Ibalois, Kankana-eys, and Ilokanos. A few people from the lowlands who migrated live in the municipality.

Although the locals speak their own dialect, they can communicate with Ilocano, Filipino, and English.



The climate is generally cool due to its high elevation.



The municipality of Tuba is mainly mountainous. The terrain is mostly enjoyed for trekking and spelunking. There are also several falls and rivers to explore.


How to Get to Tuba

From Baguio City, you may ride a jeepney where they have a terminal near PNR.

Special trips can also be arranged to take you to your desired destination within Tuba.


Quick Facts

  • Land Area: approx 295.97 sq km
  • Barangays: 13
  • ZIP Code: 2603
  • Dialing Code: 074
  • Official Website: http://www.tuba.gov.ph

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