Mangaldan, Pangasinan


About Mangaldan

Mangaldan, Pangasinan is a landlocked municipality in Pangasinan. The town connects the towns of San Fabian and San Jacinto in the east to the city of Dagupan in the west. Being a first class municipality, Mangaldan gets its revenues from its flourishing market place as well as thriving businesses in the town.


Rice, corn, and other lowland vegetable crops are grown in Mangaldan where it is sold locally or exported to its neighboring towns and cities. The town also runs its own abattoir (slaughterhouse) where it produces fresh and clean meat.

Mangaldan celebrates its founding date as June 2, 1600. The town was known to be founded by the Dominican missionaries.



The Pangasinanses, the Ilokanos, and the Tagalogs are the major dominant ethnic groups inhabiting Mangaldan. The town is relatively peaceful and the people are generally cooperative and kind.



Typical of a lowland climate, the weather is generally warm and humid. Rain showers and thunderstorms may happen even during the warm season but it usually won’t last long.



Mangaldan is mainly an agricultural municipality. One of the famous tourist spots to visit in Mangaldan is the St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Church located within the municipal business district.

The town also holds its annual Pindang Festival during the first week of March. Several activities take place during the course of the festival. Pindang, in local language means dried, in which in Mangaldan, carabeef (carabao meat) is used. The texture of dried carabao meat is quite similar to beef jerky.

The marketplace is also among the favored markets for people to shop in because of cheaper prices of quality produce. Poultry and cattle meat sold in Mangaldan Public Market is famous to be the best in Pangasinan because of its excellent rating from the National Meat Inspection Service.


How to Get to Mangaldan

Daily local buses are available from Manila to Dagupan City. Once in Dagupan, take a jeepney bound for Mangaldan. There are also jeepneys traveling from Dagupan to San Fabian where you can just ask the jeepney driver to drop you off at Mangaldan Public Market. From the market, you can ride a tricycle or a pedicab (bicycle-driven) to take you to any point in Mangaldan.


Quick Facts

  • Land Area: approx 48.5 sq km
  • Barangays: 30
  • ZIP Code: 2432
  • Dialing Code: 075
  • Official Website:

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